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Some say Muggübous was once a princess of the netherworld, but quit due to all the jerks down there. Now, Muggübous searches for friends and beverages on the mortal coil. Are you somewhat sassy, a teeny bit trouble, and not at all a morning person? Perfect.

Please note that this is a monster- just take one look at those teeth!  If you choose to put your coffee or tea in Muggübous, you agree to play by Muggübous's two simple rules. Rule #1: Do not mess with Muggübous. Rule #2: Stay Fabulous. Follow these simple rules, and you'll get along great!

  • Glossy & ceramic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Large- 15 ounces
  • In charge- of your coffee
  • Enough sass to fill an Olympic swimming pool

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